Normally, every SEO strategy we apply is aimed at causing a particular impact, an interaction and a response from potential clients. The term conversion refers to that last step, when the user has carried out the specific reaction we hoped for.

Although many people connect the word conversion with the profit of the company, the truth is that the goals of each company or project cannot be limited only to the earnings obtained during a period of time, especially if we are speaking of positioning in search engines.

The goals for a website can be anywhere from gaining subscriptions to the newsletter of the page, acquiring new members in their community, attract blog readers, or any action that has a well-defined role in the master plan of the company.

Each company will determine its standards, limits and objectives (depending on the field and market in which it belongs to) to know what the process of conversion will consist of.

A better way to understand this term could be to think about how the person who surfed through our site, stopped being a mere visitor, and became a regular reader, a subscriber or a new member of our audience.

This could be a way of defining Conversion, but understanding it only this way would mean omitting other concepts such as the user’s interaction with the web strategy.

For example, even if the user has taken the desired path, it is necessary to know if it was reached because a word or concept was written in a search engine, or if an advertisement was clicked. But this is only one aspect in the long process that a company establishes with its online public. Other aspects can also be the filling out of electronic forms or the number of monthly sales.

The details mentioned above are part of a much broader general concern that anyone who is implementing an SEO strategy for their company or project knows deliberately: what is the best way to get good results in a conversion?

If we know the average number of views and the number of clicks an advertisement receives, we can obtain two more averages: The number of people who bought after clicking on the advertisement and the number of people who bought after seeing the ad at least once. Online positioning is not a simple task, as there are also different ways to analyze and measure their results.

One interesting concept and viable option SEO has, is the search of users or clients directly. There is no rule stating that the only way to achieve conversion is through an online marketing campaign in which the audience knocks at our door.

On the contrary, if you must send emails, analyze the interests of those users whose profile could have affinity with our company or show advertising banners to achieve the desired action from the client. (also allowing us a better understanding of the market). We will apply the necessary strategies to achieve it.

At the moment, there are specific tools that allow an in-depth performance of SEO, as well as a precise analysis of the interests and interactions with online users.

There are companies that study cursor movements during the time users visit a website, detecting the most visible and attractive points of the design and determining the real reasons why a user interrupts their interaction with the site.

An important detail to consider, which depends on the objectives themselves, is to have practical and accessible forms. It would be unwise to offer the user a form with too many fields to fill asking for personal data. No user wants to release their private information to the internet, nor do they feel like filling out a form that takes more time than it should.

The internet can overwhelm us with information in a short period of time, as well as make us jump from one point to another. A neutral form will help the user concentrate.

Consider how Youtube, Vimeo and other countless online platforms dedicated to crowdfunding have confirmed that Videos are an excellent way to create an impact on the user. And while video sales still have a lot of potential that has not been exploited 100%, it is one of the most attractive and practical options for Internet users. The possibility that the user performs the action we require is powered by video marketing.

It is important to emphasize that it may be useless to have social networks or a YouTube account, if there isn’t a constant flow of information, as well as attractive and interesting content. This type of feedback with the user is essential, as it allows the door to be opened to the public so that they can get to know our website and take an interest in our services or products.

Lastly, let us remember the importance of mobile devices and the continuous updating process in which they are immersed. The opportunity for a mobile device user to access our website is vital, and to waste it due to lack of vision or not having the necessary adaptability is a mistake.

In Diseño y Optimización Online we are experts in the matter for any company that wants to start having not only greater visibility in the main online search engines, but also greater quality traffic thanks to the strategies we implement from different angles. This way, we achieve the necessary conversions beyond online visibility, so that this space is an optimal platform for potential consumers.