¿What is link building?

Link building means construction of a bond, which is a SEO strategy for other web platforms to link their page to be placed in the first places of Google or any other search engine.

To explain it with more detail, we should first define a term that very few know: “inbound”.

An inbound is a link that takes one website to your page. While an outbound is the one that exists on your page but takes you to an external site.

Finally, with the inbound ones the links are all about the keywords and blog articles in a specific domain.

While a webpage has presence in diverse sites, it will be better placed within the internet engines. The inbounds are the first step for a website to acquire prestige.

Coming from these concepts, we can now better explain Link building.

There are diverse roads for a link construction. It can happen, for example, without any direct intervention, when pages decide to link themselves to your site. However, coming links can also be artificially used, trying not be visible and making it seem as if they happened with no previous agreement.

The better planned the link building, the better we can know how to have more inbounds. Regularly, the SEO professionals are the ones who know how to build these links, but, there are also others who call themselves linkbuilders, who know all about the process.

Another important concept to understand the “construction of links”, is the PageRank. As the name explains, it is the manner that Google has of measuring the impact of a page from the coming links that drive us towards it. It is a rank that goes from 1 to 10.

Some of the most frequented web pages have the highest PageRank results: the international social platforms, for example. Facebook or Twitter have an excellent link building strategy.

The more inbounds, the better the score in PageRank. Now, besides this, your page has a good rank in Google, the more possibilities your company will have to appear first within the search engines.

There are many ways to have a good link building process, but some others are not.

There are, as an example, basic parameters to follow. One of them is to have inbounds that come from a good PageRank site, about a product or information related to your own site.

When a publicist is looking for virtual spaces such as discussion forums, ads pages or blogs, and places a comment with the domain intended to be placed in Google, the most certain outcome would be to have a failed strategy of link building.

One of the disadvantages of the technique is that the page managers can consider some comments as spam or simply block the posts. However, there are other strategies that actually work, whose application allows to identify a Company or expert.

Even if it sounds as an accessible option, one of the best SEO techniques to achieve a high PageRank result is to use the platforms that are already known as independent diffusion: Youtube, Instagram or all the other social platforms that allow not only to define the company’s philosophy but to place links (every time a video, image or post is uploaded), without the risk of becoming spam.

The best strategies are those that secure results. You can say that it is all about avoiding the risks.

Taking advantage of the virtual news portals or the influence of other blogs is another approach for link placement. Even when it should take a good amount of contacts and workers focused on PR and content creation, this strategy is one of the best for achieving a high score in the PageRank.

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