Metrics are a series of measurements that evaluate and determine how effective the analysis of information is and how it can be applied to reorganize the strategies of expansion of a company or project in the web. While there are a lot of people who are not aware of what SEO is and the factors that need to be considered in this type of marketing, you should know that web positioning techniques are not miraculous. It does take time to position a website.

This does not mean that the company or the owner of the website has to remain in a state of uncertainty until the first concrete and positive result is released. On the contrary, there are micro procedures that from the first steps will give us indication whether the possibilities of success are high or low. In order to better understand the concept: these micro procedures are metrics and its applications will provide certainty to your company during the period that leads to the completion of the web positioning.

One of the metrics is to analyze the position of the web domain. If in the initial phase of page optimization, we search in Google some of the keywords that should direct the user to our site, and the search engine sends us to the number 15 (we are using a random example), but a few weeks later we move up to position 5, we will have a positive sign that the marketing of the page is doing its job and in a short time we will find ourselves in the first positions.

Another important factor is the correct analysis of keywords. We could say that these metrics are one of the initial and definitive processes that determine the shape the project will take during its optimization and positioning. The number of inbound links, those that link to your site from another page, is fundamental to start covering Google parameters and gaining ground.

The flow of information and correct feedback with the public holds a critical role for Google to begin to consider our site. There are people for whom the impact on social media does not represent any substantial gain. However, current technological parameters make it increasingly evident that having a considerable number of likes, preparing posts and attractive articles, or defining trends are some of the most powerful tools today.

There is a crucial point during the analysis of keywords that helps a large number of entrepreneurs: you must always choose the most solid options, which is a good way to use metrics. Suppose a company that prepares, bottles and distributes carbonated beverages, discovers, during the process of web positioning, that the word “soda” represents a much higher number of searches compared to the word “carbonated”.

The path the follow in this case is quite evident, it is a matter of distinguishing the strong keywords from the weak ones. What if the customer believes that “carbonated” is a word that accurately defines their product even though it offers less search possibilities? “Carbonated” will be the key word chosen within the online marketing strategy, since above all, are the parameters, needs and philosophy established by the client, although it is true that positioning options offered by a strong keyword should not ideally, be wasted. These would be considered lost metrics.

A strong keyword is a secure terrain and will allow the user to convert, and portray a positive response after interacting with the website.

It is important to keep in mind that the investment made for a website to appear within the top positions of Google’s (the most important search engine in the world) first page will be worth every penny. The organic traffic registered will represent a monetary gain (for example, the number of sales obtained through the internet) which will be reflected in the medium and long term of the company’s economy.

There are a series of complementary data to obtain more precise or specialized results during these micro procedures. The majority is used to analyze or predict the behavior of users: from what type of pages to the exact number of pages they visit, as well as the average time they spend in each one.

A good example would be to analyze the users who enter a web page and do not interact with all the options offered by the platform, or those who do not stay for a long time in the site. If this happens, it is likely that the page contains design errors, is not updated, or does not offer the content that the user is looking for.

There are digital tools that allow us to determine which are the best ranked keywords related to our company or project, that allows the visitor’s relationship with the page to be more beneficial, linking the user’s specific interests with the guidelines addressed on the website. This will help determine a strategy based on the results obtained, will decrease the bounce rate, and improve the amount of page views to increase the positioning of the website.

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