Public relations

For a company to achieve a greater reach nationally and internationally, it is not enough to offer quality products or make themselves known through traditional advertising methods, it must constantly present a good image before the eyes of customers or potential customers. That is why every brand should have a strategy of public relations.

What do we mean by public relations? They are series of communication strategies whose objective is to build positive relationships between all types of organizations (public or private entities) and target audiences.

Companies, brands, universities or any institution for that matter, needs to build a link between them and their consumers, in order to generate bonds of trust and loyalty, in such a way that they become long-term clients and they themselves promote the company among their acquaintances. To achieve the previous, it is necessary to build a good worldwide reputation, offering a quality service that speaks for itself, but also makes consumers refer to our brand in a positive way.

Consolidating a good corporate image is very important and a not an easy task, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is best to leave this work to a public relations expert team, who is able to use tools such as advertising, design, journalism and marketing to assess market trends, target audience behavior (what they like and how they could improve the brand according to their opinions and needs) and, of course, generate linking tactics between the two.

For a company to portray a good image, it must work its public relations both internally and externally, so it is imperative to have a brand identity of its own. But what do we mean by internally and externally?

The inside of a company includes all the employees who work there. When they feel they are an important part of a team they will be much more effective, as they work with the pleasure of knowing they are making great contributions so the company’s overall goal is met. If a worker is happy doing his job, it will be clearly demonstrated in the quality of the company’s products and services.

On the other hand, outside the institution, establishing and promoting a brand’s own identity will generate greater confidence among potential buyers, suppliers, banks, distributors, media or investors, which is important if they are interested in attracting larger volumes of capital flow and other market niches. In the business world, reputation is the most important thing.

Technological advances have become an excellent tool to strengthen relationships between a brand and its public, but since the rise of social networks, it is essential to have an online presence.  if the name of a company does not appear on the internet, it will also be invisible to the market in general.

Thanks to the creation of mobile devices, people are always connected to the internet, which makes the digital world the ideal platform to promote all kinds of products and brands. The internet also allows something that could not exist before: immediate feedback. Consumers can instantly give their opinions and suggestions directly on the company page or on their social media. This helps public relations experts assess the public’s responses to a strategy.

However, there is also the possibility of a brand crisis, that is, when a customer or a group of customers detect and express disapproval or a complaint towards the products or services that our company offers. This can unleash a storm of criticism in social media and even traditional media, such as television, newspapers and radio.

In order to face a brand crisis, negative comments should not be erased (this will only make matters worse), but our public relations specialists must implement a plan to handle it in the best way, respond appropriately to all comments, and get to work on creating a strategy that helps to change their opinion to a positive one.

Do not worry if this happens to you. There are many renowned brands that have had to face a situation like this, but have been victorious and have even benefited thanks to the assertive response by the team of public relations. Customers will always value a response and a personalized solution to their complaints. A successful crisis management is admirable and can become news, so the important thing is to take advantage of something negative and turn it into a positive.

Plans and strategies that are implemented as part of the public relations of a company must be in accordance with the mission, vision and ideology of the company, otherwise a discrepancy will be detected between the actions and discourse of the company, which can affect their credibility and identity.

Public relations are a constant and important task that must be left in the hands of specialists, who know how to position any type of brand in the market and are capable of managing all types of crisis, in addition to promoting medium- and long-term plans that help the growth of the company.

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