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Surely you have seen in social networks those comical images that incite to “consume Mexican products” due to the measures imposed by the new president of the United States: Mr. Trump. Although this is obviously a mockery on the positive side, we cannot deny that the messages are right. It is now when we must unite to get our country forward. Not only spreading positivism, but carrying out the nationalist actions that are proposed.

We have found some companies in the Republic that are so socially responsible and actually support the Mexican talent and not only that, but they sell it and promote it as if it were the most wonderful talent in the world (and why would not it be?).

If you want to know which product from your service catalog you are going to buy, do not miss a single line:

Starbucks. We know that this product is not aimed at all sectors. However, we cannot deny that we love it. Its raw material (the coffee) comes from the same trees that offer shade in the harvests, which means that they are Mexican trees (mainly from Chiapas). Also, the brand in Mexico is wholly owned by Alsea, which is a Mexican company in full. It came as no surprise that this famous chain of coffee shops would come out against President Trump’s anti-business policies. Let’s face it, it’s a franchise that provides thousands of jobs all over the country, as well as benefiting us from each other, because its resources come from us, such as the raw material we talked about, the employees and the customers themselves.

Marcas extranjeras

KIA Motors. This automotive company had a 30% growth in sales last year. Not bad, right? In this way it has announced its enthusiastic intention to continue investing in our country. Because the brand is Korean, there was never an American threat to remove it from our land, like Starbucks, but even if our people did not buy or it was difficult to allow the investment, and their cars would not be here with us. It is always about win-win and this company has proven it in a short time. Now that Ford Motor Company withdraws its intentions to start new moves in our country, KIA Motors sees an even brighter future. Let’s see what the future says. Bombardier.

Let’s not forget that Canada is also watching out for its own interests. We do not yet know if it will allude to the United States to affect our economy or not, but what we do know is that Bombardier, of Canadian origin, is increasingly investing in our country, specifically in Querétaro. As the world’s number one airline and railroad company, it has allowed the money in our country to continue flowing since 2013. The jobs it provides, as well as the low production costs that it obtains from us, have undoubtedly boosted the economy in the country’s shantytown. In its plants, hundreds of Mexican engineers are at the height of foreigners, demonstrating that Mexican talent is not far behind. This year, even better scenarios are expected. We are making progress.

Eni S.p.A oil company and other oil companies. It is not a fact yet, but there is a very likely possibility that foreign oil companies invest in our country, because concessions to sell gasoline in each state will be opening. You read it here first. 2017, but even more so in 2018, paints a much more competitive image in the field of energy. If they know how to carry it out wisely, it can lead to many benefits. However, we still do not know how the doors will open, since the new elections of 2018 present Andres Manuel as a strong candidate. Recall that he opposes energy reforms. Brands of oil companies like Eni (Italian brand), and other companies from Argentina, Canada and the Netherlands have targeted our need for fuel. Let’s hope for the best for this year in terms of energy issues.

Conclusion As you can see, it’s a matter of staying active. Of course difficult times are coming, but remember that in times of crisis, there will always be opportunities. Here the detail is in taking them when they appear to us. Why not invest in Mexico if we have the opportunity? It is not just about foreign brands. Mexican businessmen, support the talent of your compatriots. Maybe you do not know it and right here you can find your source of income. Maybe in a couple of years you’ll be exporting and leading the world. You just have to try.Do not let the foreigner eat all the cake. We can share, but we should know that it is our cake and we must know how to distribute it.

Do not scare the investment. Maybe later your own brand appears in one of our articles as one of the companies that believes in Mexican talent, or one that is better positioned worldwide.If you want to know how to promote your company in an international way, come to us, because we know the ideal way. The SEO we use to boost Latin American brands ensures that your product, service, brand or company can compete against the giants or even against the monopolies of other countries.

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